Throughout my career I have had countless conversations about love and life, sharing my innermost thoughts with friends and colleagues. I noticed that being open with others, especially women, inspired them to share their most vulnerable thoughts and stories too. Through unfiltered conversations, we formed deep bonds, connections, and support for each other. 


What is Girl With Anxiety?

Girl With Anxiety is my personal writing alias. Under this alias I plan to write self-transormation books about life, relationships, health, and career.

When did it start? 

For the first time in my life, I was afraid to be alone. There I was, 26 years old, recently single, and just changed careers. I had spent the last five years with a guy who taught me about love, but in the process I had forgotten how to love myself. I was scared, quiet, and anxious. I was an adult with responsibilities and a life to lead without a partner to do it with. 

It was during that first year of being single, that I decided to dedicate my life to being unapologetically me. And so I decided to write. I wrote about heartbreak, career mishaps, and my thyroid cancer diagnosis. When I felt down, I would reread my journal entries to find solace and strength from previous moments of pain and self-healing. Writing became a form of therapy. 

As I started on this journey, I realized that one day I would want to share my learnings with others who might be in similar situations.

What’s next?

My first book, 'Breakup Notes: Finding self-love through heartbreak' was published in 2022. This book was written over the course of ten years about every breakup and potential heartbreak, and most importantly, every moment of inner strength and self-love. I gave myself the advice I needed when someone else wasn't available to guide me.

I am currently in the process of writing my second book, a novel about a woman's quest to revisit past loves in an effort to find "the one". Stay tuned.


For more than 15 years, my unique mix of creative strategy, technical skills, and business acumen has helped to further the impact of dozens of lifestyle brands. My experience ranges from managing multi-million dollar creative budgets and teams to establishing the brand identity for multiple startup brands.