1:1 Creative Advising Sessions

Are you in a creative rut and need some guidance? Are you looking to take your brand to the next level but don’t know how? Do you want an editorial style shoot but don’t have a fancy budget? 

Book a Creative Advising Session with me and I will help relieve all of your creative woes. You’ll walk away feeling freshly inspired, clear on next steps, and with plenty of creative director secrets to ensure your vision and needs are met.

Why do a session with me?

I have 15+ years experience as a creative director, producer, and photographer. I’ve produced more than 200 shoots with budgets ranging from as little as $250 to $60k. Pick my brain about anything and everything! 

Creative Advising Sessions are perfect for start-up CEOs or department heads, small business owners, new entrepreneurs, Creative Directors with small allotted budgets (I’ve been there many times before!), and anyone looking for some creative direction and inspiration.

Examples of things we might discuss during a session:

  • Help finding a new perspective
  • Clarifying your brand message and vision
  • Going over your branding to see what’s working and what’s not
  • Brainstorming product or brand names
  • Discussing internal creative team challenges and how to approach them
  • Planning a photo shoot (models, location, budget, etc.)
  • If you’re feeling overwhelmed or indecisive about creative stuff
  • Honestly, anything that’s on your mind!

How it works + what’s included:

  • Pre-session questionnaire
  • 90 minutes of 1:1 time with me to work through anything and everything creative 
  • Recording of our session
  • Complimentary email follow-up one week post session to see how things are going 

Step 1 - Book your session below by picking a time on the calendar! You will receive an automatic calendar invite with a link to a Google Hangouts video chat and payment info. 
Step 2 - Once submitted, you will get an email with a brief pre-session questionnaire to complete prior to our meeting. These questions will help us both in preparing for our session!
Step 3 - After our session I will send over the recording in case you need to reference back to our conversation. A complimentary email will be sent one week post session to see how you’re doing!

Ready to book your session?

To book your session please pick a time below. 

Cost:  A Creative Advising Session is $350 and is 90 minutes long. We can book as many sessions as you need in advance or tackle them one at a time - it depends on how big your project is or what you want to discuss. A payment link will be emailed to you after you choose a time below.

Want to chat? Get in touch with me here.


For more than 15 years, my unique mix of creative strategy, technical skills, and business acumen has helped to further the impact of dozens of lifestyle brands. My experience ranges from managing multi-million dollar creative budgets and teams to establishing the brand identity for multiple startup brands.